We are THE SKILLS®. An Australian skincare brand inspired by a generation of self care heroes, cool culture and a passion for skin health.

We’re not celebrities just yet, no big time name endorsed us to get us here. We didn’t have a tonne of cash to throw at our brand, nor were we backed by a bunch of dudes in threads ready to catapult us into a bunch of retailers, instead we door knocked and pitched ourselves into the major retailers. We aren’t a subsidiary of another major group, we are THE SKILLS®.

Founded by husband and wife Paul and Bernadette, two ex media and advertising execs with a passion for skin and Drake, a love for basketball and the culture it brings and doing skincare routines in reverse - while listening to Future.

There is no hard and fast rule about our brand and its focus points. Besides the fact we make game changing skincare that looks like your playlist, THE SKILLS® actually represents you and your ways. We know you’re keen to learn, eager for new, invested in your goals and see worth in problem solvers.

When we built our brand we already knew skincare had its own super search history as a rule.

We know you love trial, but you’re also cautious, you’re excited by new but skeptical of change. You see value in your shelf aesthetic but will only repeat if the price is reasonable.


Self cared the Sunday, watched the NBA playoffs and did a 65 step skincare routine from 14 different brands, some geared to men and some geared to women, all of which were tucked away and not on display.

From this mediocre Sunday night came the brand, THE SKILLS®. THE SKILLS® Skincare for a mentality, not a gender. A lifestyle not a gimmick. A skin brand of purpose and skill not a throw and not show.



Cosmeceutical skincare for your shelf, for your travel stints, for your gym sessions for your handbag, for your duffle and most importantly for your mentality. Skincare doesn’t always have to be about issues but we know when you search for skin health you’re searching to solve at the very least - a slight concern or make a gradual or significant improvement.

Read through our naming conventions, browse through our site you will see a few consistencies in what we do and our goals to achieve the best possible skin and the best looking shelf.

Its your hard earned money so let us return it 10 fold with top Australian ingredients and top tier packaging that’s a playlist of positivity as you spin the bottle or flip the box. 

Welcome to the world of THE SKILLS® Skincare and if you’re reading this we didn’t drop the ball and we’re grateful for that.

From your favourite glowing couple
Paul & B

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