One of the coolest ingredients to be incorporated in skin care. In it's relatively short time, this new kid on the block has already proven to make waves on our skin at a cellular level. But what does that mean and what exactly are peptides?

You've heard of amino acids before. You likely take them as part of your workout routine. Peptides are actually made up of amino acids that make up vital proteins needed by our skin. One particular peptide, Heptapeptide-8 has the ability to enhance your skin's integrity and improve its function. 

This particular peptide mimics the action of an important protein present in the basement level of our skin. This layer, is the core of skin success. 

Resulting in: 

  • Smoother skin
  • Smoother overall skin tone
  • Skin Hydration

We strategically formulated our AUTO CORRECT FACE SERUM with the right amount of this super food. This is a super concentrated serum that will absorb quickly leaving a mattifying effect.


  • Use as an under eye serum first thing for a stellar pick me up
  • Patting the serum onto a clean dry face and letting absorb on its own will bring ultimate, new skin results.
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