Consider Green Clay as your "Safety Switch". Your dependable go to. You don't need it every day but when you do, you know it will come through. 

Green clay is one of the most potent clays. Often known as on overachiever and one of the few skincare items that doesn't require long term commitment. It's a reach out when you need me type arrangement with the following results.

  • Soaks up excess Oil
  • Draws dirt and sebum out of pores acting like a Detox for your skin
  • Restores your skins' natural balance 
  • Has an instant new face feel after every application
  • Is a perfect spot treatment
  • Instantly removes dead skin cells for smoother skin

THE SKILLS DETOX DAY FACE MASK compliments your staple face wash and serum. For maximum effect you will want to use your face mask 2-3 times a week.

You'll also get great satisfaction when you take out your DETOX DAY FACE MASK in the event of a date night emergency. Nothing like knowing the situation is under control, fast.


  • Follow with a serum or moisturizer to lock in the hydration barrier
  • Use luke warm water and a face washer to wash off mask